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Meet the Team

Dr. Robert Hooper, AuD, is a Board-certified audiologist with a doctorate from the University of Florida and a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.

Kyle grew up in Southwest Florida, where he attended Bishop Verow High School. He earned a scholarship to Indiana State University, where he lettered in football as their kicker for four years.

Meet the Rest of the Team


At Ear-Tronics, we are well aware of the often-prohibitive costs that come with addressing your hearing health. Our goal is to make hearing aids accessible and affordable to our clients.

Why Buy When You Can Lease?

Same technology, low monthly payments!

With Ear-Tronics, you can lease a hearing aid for $19 to $69 per hearing aid per month. Ear-Tronics offers a lease plan to fit any budget. The initial cost to the patient is 10% down or less.

Since the life of the average hearing aid is 5-6 years, we replace them every 5-6 years with updated technology. We are committed to caring for our patients for a lifetime – some have been with us for 35 years!

Our plans include repairs, parts, labor, insurance, and office visits. When you drop in to see us, no additional costs will incur!

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