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Tips for Better Hearing in Noise

In Hearing Health, Noise by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

Hearing loss comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people find that they can’t hear things in the very high-frequency range, while others have trouble with very quiet sounds of all kinds. Many people describe hearing loss in terms of limited communication ability, and one of the most common complaints is the inability to hear when there is background noise. …

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Hand Dryers: How Loud is Too Loud for Kids’ Ears?

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss, Noise, Pediatric Hearing Loss by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

Hand dryers are becoming more commonplace in public bathrooms in an effort to reduce paper waste. A study published in the Canadian journal, Paediatrics & Child Health, however, states that the volume of noise that some brands produce may be dangerous to children’s hearing. Nora Keegan from Calgary, Canada, is the study’s 13-year-old author who writes from personal experience, which …