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Hearing Aid Styles

In Assistive listening devices, Hearing Aids, Hearing Technology by audseo

If you have just had a consultation with your audiologist and were prescribed hearing aids to treat your hearing loss, it is important to explore your options. During your hearing test, your audiologist determined your abilities to hear in particular ranges of sound. While the level of amplification you require will have some importance in terms of the options available …

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All About Assistive Listening Devices

In Assistive listening devices, Hearing Loss by Dr. Robert Hooper Au.D.

Assistive Listening Devices, or ALDs, give your hearing experience a little extra amplification when hearing aids aren’t enough. They are useful in challenging hearing situations when there is lots of extra noise, or it’s a large space – or both! At Ear-Tronics, we can help you out with ALDs. Let us make sure your hearing aids are functioning correctly, or …